The Menopause Workshop

Cost: $75

Everything you ever wanted to know about Menopause!

This 2-class series covers the essential topics that every woman should know about Menopause, including:

  • Perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause: Where am I?
  • Classic symptoms
  • How and when to seek support and treatment
  • Lifestyle treatments
  • How modern hormone therapy works
  • Sexual health, sleep, and bone health
  • Women's experiences and the biological wisdom of menopause

There are many education courses and resources for puberty and pregnancy, but our cultural knowledge (and medical training) is sorely lacking when it comes to menopause. Don't let your health symptoms and concerns be dismissed in midlife - get the perspective you need to understand what is happening in this universal life transition.

Who Should Take This Course?

Surveys of women show that most women believe that menopause symptoms shouldn't start until age 50. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about menopause, and it leads many women to be dismissed by well-meaning healthcare providers, and quite often, to suffer in silence. We know from a multitude of research into menopause science that most women begin experiencing perimenopause symptoms as early as their 30s, and that the body changes of menopause cause many women to have related symptoms well into their 70s and 80s.
This course is specifically designed for:

  • Pre-menopausal women looking for guidance about what to expect
  • Women at any point in the menopause transition who need comprehensive education and support

Course Outline

All attendees receive a digital copy of The Menopause Workshop Handbook.

Class 1:

  1. A Brief Historical Tour of Menopause
  2. The Biology of Menopause
  3. Classic Symptoms in Your 30s - 40s - 50s - 60s
  4. Women’s Lived Experiences
  5. Charting Your Own Menopause Transition

Class 2:

  1. Sleep, Sexual Health, and Bone Health in Midlife
  2. Lifestyle and Non-hormonal Approaches to Wellness
  3. Modern Hormone Therapy
  4. Safety and Evidence for Hormone Replacement
  5. How to Seek Menopause Care

Testimonials From Past Attendees

Here is what past students are saying:

"It was informative and important, and so good to feel not alone with these issues." - Diane C.
"I learned a lot and I'm happy to know what is available. So many possibilities and information. Jill, is a wonderful presenter with such ease, willingness and authenticity." - Nancy P.
"Great teacher and incredibly informative. I learned so much. Education is power. I want to tell all my friends about this class." - Nicole K.
"So much great information presented by Jill. Educational handouts were fantastic." - MG
So honest, so informative, so helpful, and empowering!" - CK

Questions about this class, or inquiries about private classes can be directed to or (208) 510-0261